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Usage: +|-|=gnotify [user]

  Here are the possible variations of the command:

    +gnotify user     Add "user" to gnotify list
    -gnotify user     Remove "user" from gnotify list
    =gnotify          Display your gnotify list

  When a player is on your 'gnotify' list, you will be notified when that
player begins a game on the server.  The notification message will tell you
(a) the game number, (b) the players in the game, (c) the players' ratings,
(d) the type of chess match, and (e) the time controls.


(a)  Use the "gin" variable to be notified regarding all games and when they

See Also:  addlist  variables  v_gin

[Last modified: April 11, 1996 -- Friar]

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