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Usage: games [#, string, /[bBelLsSuwxz], -[bBelLsSuwxz]]

  The games command is used for listing games currentlly being played on the
server. The games are listed in order of the ratings of the players involved. 
There are four possible ways in which this command can be used.

  (a) "games" alone, with no parameters, lists all current games;

  (b) if a number is supplied as a parameter, only the game matching that
      number is displayed; example: "games 23";

  (c) if a string of letters (or even a single letter) is supplied, only games
      involving players whose handles begin with that string are displayed;
      for example, "games gr" will show all games involving players whose 
      handles begin with "gr";

  (d) if a string starting with either "/" or "-" is supplied, games of
      certain types will be displayed; valid game types are:

        b: blitz      l: lightning   u: untimed      e: examined game
        s: standard   w: wild        x: atomic       z: crazyhouse        
        B: Bughouse   L: losers      S: Suicide

      for example, "games /b" will show blitz games only, while "games /we"
      will show all wild games and all examined games.

  Here is a sample games display and description of what the symbols mean:

25 (Exam.    0 Friar          0 Friar     ) [ uu  0   0] W:  1
28 ++++ TryMe       1737 Jack       [ su 30  20]  22:27 - 23:17 (29-30) W: 16
 2 2274 OldManII    ++++ Peshkin    [ bu  2  12]   2:34 -  1:47 (39-39) B:  3
29 1622 Vman        1609 PopKid     [ sr 10  10]   1:14 -  5:10 (21-22) B: 18
32 1880 Raskapov    1859 RoboDweeb  [ br  2  12]   1:04 -  1:26 ( 9-10) B: 34
 1 1878 Roberto     1881 baraka     [psr 45  30]  30:35 - 34:24 (22-22) W: 21

  6 games displayed (of 23 in progress)

  Reading from left to right: (i) game number; (ii) rating of user playing
White; (iii) handle of White, (iv) rating of user playing Black; (v) handle of
Black; (vi) type of match and time controls, (vii) current clock times for
both players; (viii) current material strength for both players, (ix) who is
on move and what move number it will be, and, lastly (x) the number of games
listed in the display and how many in progress.  Ratings are ++++ for
unregistered players and ---- for registered players who do not have a rating
in this category.  Lastly, any games being examined or setup ('bsetup') are

TYPE OF MATCH -- The format will be [Private] | [Category] | [Rated].

  Private -- If a "p" is given, the game is private and not open for
observation (that is "observe" will fail in this case).  If the game is not
private, the space will be blank.  (See the "variables" help file concerning
how to make a game private.)

  Category -- The possibilities are:
       b   blitz
       B   bughouse
       l   lightning
       L   losers
       n   nonstandard game, such as different time controls for the players
       s   standard
       S   Suicide chess
       u   untimed (including simul-matches, simuls)
       w   wild
       x   atomic
       z   crazyhouse

  Rated -- The possibilities are "r" for rated and "u" for unrated.

See Also:  atomic blitz bsetup  bughouse crazyhouse examine lightning  
           losers match observe simuls   standard   suicide_chess untimed  
           variables wild

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