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There are many kinds of files for the chess server you may wish to access and
download to your system. The Internet Chess Library ( is an
anonymous FTP archive containing a large amount of chess information and
programs (~200MB). (See help inetchesslib.) Many users of the chess server
download a graphical interface and timeseal (read help interfaces and help


There are several ways to access and download these files. But first, you
need to connect to where the files are located. There are two main ways to
connect: World Wide Web (www) and file transfer protocol (ftp).

WWW access would be best and most intuitive. You can get there using your
favorite Web browser, like Netscape or Mosaic. The URL address is:

Then, once you are on the ftp site, you locate the folders you need, double
click to open the folder and locate the file you want to download. Double
click on the file name and downloading should begin.

Another www source of downloadable interfaces is:   and select doawnload

Regular ftp access with an ftp client is also easy. The remainder of this
file is about ftp procedures for the chess server files.


The most standard command to initiate an ftp connection to the files would be
to initiate a session from your system (not from within the chess server
itself) and at your host's prompt type:

  or ftp

If the ftp command seems to be garbage to your system, you will need to
contact your local systems administrator.

If you connect to the file server, you will see this message on your screen:

  Connected to 
  220 FTP server (Version wu-2.4(1) Tue Oct 11 11:29:11
  Name (your-host.your-domain:your-username):


  anonymous	  [you can also type 'ftp']

You will then see this message:

  331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.

For your password, type your email address.

You will now be logged on to the ftp site and should see the ftp prompt:



Typing "help" will give you a list of available commands in ftp, but here are
some basics. All files and directories in the current directory can be seen
with "dir". Typing "cd" changes directories. A "/" separates directory names
when specifying directories within directories. In this example, we will go
to the DOS directory. Type:

  cd /pub/chess/DOS

or cd DOS

  (NOTE: users of DELPHI may need to type:   cd "DOS")

If you type "dir" you will see all the files and directories in that
location. There are quite a few.


In order to transfer a file properly from the ftp site to your computer host,
you need to set the correct transfer mode and use the right commands. The
files you need for an interface and timeseal need to be transferred using the
"binary" mode. The "binary" command sets the transfer mode to binary type (8
bit, for true binary/executable data). Then you need to have the file sent to
you. The "get" command transfers a file from the ftp site to you.

In this example we will now transfer the software for WinBoard, a graphical
interface that runs under WinNT or W95, connecting with TCP/IP and/or modem
on PC's. Locate it in the /pub/chess/Win3 directory. Once you have located
the WinBoard file, type the following:

  get WinBoard

If you are done and do not wish to transfer any other files, type "quit" and
you will exit from ftp.


If you have a direct internet connection using PPP/SLIP, the file should now
be in your computer directory and you are ready to work on it.

If you do not have a direct connection, what you need to do is transfer the
file from your computer host to your local PC or workstation. This transfer
is done most commonly with "kermit" or "zmodem". Check around locally for
what is available and works best on your system. After using kermit or
zmodem, the file should then be in your directory for you to work on.


Channel 1 is a great place to get help from people on-line at this chess
server. They can help you work through each of these steps. You should also
read the special help files for interfaces and timeseal; they have further
details specific to those kinds of files. And you can also contact the server
admins for help.


addresses admins chan_1 inetchesslib interfaces timeseal


Created: 16 March 1999 DAV
Last Modified: 28 February 2008 mhill

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