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Usage: finger [user] [/[b][B][l][L][s][S][w][x][z]] [r][n]

This command displays various information about the given user. If only
'finger' is used, then your complete information is displayed.


The '/' options will filter out all ratings, other than those specified.

user: The name of the person to display. If it's not specified, show your
/b:   Filter the ratings to show the Blitz rating.
/B:   Filter the ratings to show the Bughouse rating.
/l:   Show the Lightning rating.
/L:   Show the Losers rating
/s:   Show the Standard rating.
/S:   Show the Suicide rating.
/w:   Show the Wild rating.
/x:   Show the Atomic rating.
/z:   Show the Crazyhouse rating.
r     : Show only ratings and login information
n     : Show only the notes and login information


Here is a sample display:

 Statistics for Aquinas       On for: 55   Idle: 0
 (examining game 9: Plato vs. Aristotle)

          rating     RD     win   loss   draw  total   best
 Blitz     1910     75.3     28     10      2     40   1936 (01-Jun-95)
 Standard  1838     92.3     13      6      1     20   1838 (03-Jun-95)
 Lightning ----    350.0      0      0      0      0
 Wild      1876     94.3     15     10      0     25   1903 (05-Jun-95)
 Bughouse  1510    350.0      0      1      0      0
 Suicide   ----    350.0      0      0      0      0

 Timeseal: ON

  1: <text>
  2: <text>

The user's ratings for each type of chess are displayed, along with the
Glicko RD (or index of ratings variability), the total results from games
played, and the best or highest rating for each type. You can also tell
whether the user is (1) currently logged on and, if so, for how long and
whether his/she is idle, (2) playing, observing or examining a game and, if
so, which game it is, and (3) currently running a version of timeseal or not
(on/off). Beneath the ratings are note lines (a user's "plan" or "notes")
that the user can add using the 'set' command.


 o Your e-mail address is automatically displayed to you beneath your ratings
   table, but is NOT displayed to other users -- unless of course you include
   this information as part of your finger notes. Admins will not share this
   information with other users, either. (See help confidentiality and help

 o Best ratings and dates are only given *after* your RD falls below 80 for
   the first time. Also, the 'best' rating will not change if your RD is
   greater than 80.

 o If a user has not played rated games of a given type, the rating will be
   indicated as ---- and the RD will be 350.0.

 o If a user is not logged on, the display will indicate when he/she last
   disconnected and the timeseal section will not appear.

 o Since unregistered users have no permanent ratings or notes, their finger
   information usually is very simple. Here is an example:

       Statistics for unreg            On for: 27 mins   Idle: 2 secs
       unreg is NOT a registered player.
       Timeseal   : Off

   This does not imply that unregistered users cannot set their finger notes
   just like registered users can - only that these finger notes will last
   only until the unregistered player disconnects.

 o If a user is on one of the special lists, such as Blind, GM or Computer,
   the special list symbol will follow his/her handle. The same symbols from
   "who" listings will be used in fingers.

 o The "current RD" displayed for a player is the RD as revised by the time
   since the player's last game of that rating type.


finger pgv
     Displays pgv's complete information
finger pgv r
     Displays pgv's ratings information
finger pgv /bB r
     Displays pgv's ratings information for blitz and bughouse only
finger pgv n
     Displays pgv's note information; no ratings
finger pgv /wS
     Displays pgv's information, but ratings only for wild and suicide chess
finger pgv rn
     Displays pgv's complete information
     Display your complete information


blitz           bughouse        busy            confidentiality 
email           examine         glicko          lightning       
notes           observe         ratings         set             
showlist        standard        suicide_chess   timeseal        
variables       who             wild            


Created: 6 August 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 27 February 2008 mhill

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