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Many users on this server use special words and phrases (slang, jargon,


Here is an explanation of the more common terms and abbreviations.

abuser:           User that is on the abuser list has been found cheating or
                  failing to finish adjourned games.
Admin:            Server administrator or sys-op (systems operator).
AFICS:            American FICS.
AFK:              Away From Keyboard
AICS:             American ICS (Often used in refering to the server that
                  became ICC)
ASCII:            The character set found on a standard US keyboard.
ASCII board:      A board generated by FICS due to no graphical interface
                  being used.
ATM:              At The Moment.
BBL:              Be Back Later
BIAS:             Back in a second. (similar to brb)
Bot:              Short for robot - a program that interfaces with FICS.
BRB:              Be Right Back, as in "I'll be right back". Person is about
                  to go idle or log off for a few minutes or so.
BTW:              By The Way.
Bughouse:         Four player (two board) exchange chess.
CA:               Chess advisor - a user that help other users with chess
Cclient:          A interface for Windows 95/98/NT
Censor:           Whoever is censored by you can't talk to or match you. You
                  won't see their shouts either.
Chessbd:          Another name for SLICS
Crazyhouse:       One board exchange chess where you can drop captured pieces
                  as your own.
EICS:             European (F)ICS
FICS:             Free Internet Chess Server (this software) - often used as
                  a short form for AFICS
FIDE:             Federation Internationale Des Echecs - the world chess
Filter:           Sites that are filtered cannot have unreg logins from them.
Finger (someone): A command used to learn about another user. Also refers to
                  one's notes or "plan". Thus, "finger me" is not meant to be
                  rude. :)
Fixation:         An interface for the MAC
Flag:             To claim a win on time (mechanical chess clocks have a
                  'flag' which is lifted by the minute hand and falls as it
                  reaches the 12 o'clock position)
FM:               A player that is recognised by FIDE as a strong player
                  (below IM)
Freak:            A interface for Windows 95/98/NT
GM:               Grand Master (SGM is super GM, IGM is international GM) -
                  player at the top echelon of chess recognised by FIDE
GUI:              Graphical User Interface
Handle:           Your server name (nickname).
IAM:              In A Minute.
ICC:              Internet Chess Club (SM) - a pay to play server that used
                  to be AICS
ICQ:              I seek you - an internet communication program.
ICS:              Internet Chess Server
IM:               International Master - a chess title for strong players
                  (below GM)
IMHO:             In My Humble Opinion.
IMO:              In My Opinion.
Interface:        Graphical chess board.
IRC:              Internet Relayed Chat - a chat server
IRL:              In Real Life
Isbjoern:         Polar bear. A weird concept invented by that master of
                  creativity, TheDane. If someone says this, everyone is
                  meant to repeat it. (It is used to mean greetings.) However
                  don't take this literaly, else the server would really slow
                  down. :)
L8r:              Later	:)
Lag:              Transmission delay, when either the server or the internet
                  slows down.
Lightning:        Fast blitz chess
LOL:              Laughs Out Loud
Mamer:            MAnage ME (Rewritten?). A tournament bot.
Match (someone):  Start a game with someone.
Muzzle:           Loss of shouting privileges.
Noteban:          Users on this list cannot have notes
Notes:            Same as "plan" or "finger" notes.
OTB:              Over the board. This is chess in real life.
Plan:             The notes you get when you type "finger".
PMICS:            An interface for OS/2
PowerICS:         An interface for the MAC
Ratedban:         User on this list cannot play rating games, due to abuse.
RoboFICS:         An interface that allows a computer to play chess on FICS.
ROTFL:            Rolls On The Floor Laughing.
Seek:             An advert issued to many players for a chess game
SLICS:            A interface for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
SR:               Service representitive - a user that helps new users get
                  accustomed to FICS
stats:            Short for statistics - see help stats.
Standard:         Slower chess than blitz
Suicide:          (Losing chess) where you have to lose all your pieces. Thus
                  commit suicide is used to mean 'play suicide chess'.
TD:               tournament director (software) or other bot sortware. TD is
                  also used as a short cut for TheDane :)
Thumpa:           Greetings!
Timeseal:         Program that compensates for internet lag.
TM:               tournament manager
USCF:             The US Chess Federation
vars:             Short for variables - see help variables.
WGM/WIM/WFM:      Women's master titles
WIN:              Windows (the PC operating system, not the transparent type
Window:           An area of the screen.
wrok:             Work [work is a forbidden word :) ]
Wuah:             Greetings! Also muah and various other things the admins
                  come up with mean the same.
Winboard:         A interface for Windows 95/98/NT
Unreg:            Unregistered user (doesn't have an account here ... yet).
xboard:           A unix interface
Zippy:            An interface that allows a computer to play chess on FICS.


finger stats variables


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