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Usage: commit

Replaces the main line with an examined line so it is possible to move
backwards and forwards through the move list.


When examining a game, once you deviate from the main line of moves, you can
no longer use several commands, such as "forward" and "revert". To establish
your subvariation as the main line of play, use "commit".

Scratch games require a commit before the move list commands will work or
before you can "jsave". Scratch games are created using "bsetup" and some
versions of "examine".

Once you have established a new main line of play, you have to re-examine the
game to go back to the original main line.


back bsetup commit examine forward jsave replay revert truncate


Created: 7 June 2001 Daysleeper
Last Modified: 14 November 2005 mhill

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