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chess advisors

Chess advisors are strong chess players who are interested in helping
lower-rated players improve their game through instruction. All chess
advisors are designated by (CA) and can be found in Channel 63.


For the purposes of the FICS Academy, a strong chess player will be defined
as one having a master or candidate master (expert) rating. The following
ratings will be recognized:

 o any FIDE rating above 2000

 o USCF rating of 2000 or above

 o other national federation rating equivalent to FIDE or USCF of 2000 or

 o established (RD < 80) FICS standard rating of 2100 or above

Although this is not a fixed lower limit, it is a standard that the Academy
will use to identify strong players who can contribute significantly to the
chess understanding of lower-rated players.


The following guidelines are used in selecting Academy advisors:

 1. either FIDE titled player (GM, WGM, IM, WIM, FM) or strong rating, as
    defined above

 2. genuine interest in advising lower-rated players

 3. absence of serious server abuse within the past 6 months

For the purposes of the Academy, three forms of abuse shall be considered
more serious than others: rating system abuse, use of computers while
playing, and repeated rude behavior to others.

All candidates will be asked to be available for a real-time test (perhaps as
"commentator" for a relay) or online analysis with another CA.


To apply for the position of chess advisor, send a message to Academy stating

 o Your real name

 o Rating and federation (FIDE, USCF, etc)

 o A brief statement of why you would like to teach chess.

 o An example of the type of lesson you might teach, or a suggestion as to
   how the Academy might benefit from your admission.

Your application will be reviewed by the Directors of the FICS Academy
(currently ThoBjo and carenp), and their decision will be final.


ALL advisors are expected to participate in an average of three Academy
events per month. These events include Academy Hours, simultaneous
exhibitions, master challenge sessions, preparing or editing lectures for
Lecturebot, and discussions of relay games. These should be performed on a
regular basis. Of course, advisors are welcome to participate as much as they
wish. We realize that "life" will intrude from time to time. However, if you
will not be available for any extended period, please let us know so we can
make other arrangements.

Advertising for private lessons outside of the Academy is allowed;  it is
also restricted:

 o These advertisements will be posted in 'help lessons' only

 o You may have a statement in your finger notes pointing to 'help lessons',
   but we would prefer you did not discuss terms, prices, etc, in those notes

 o The lessons you teach do not have to take place on FICS

 o When you are giving private lessons, your (CA) badge will be off, and it
   will be understood the lessons are not a fics-specific event

 o Please do not advertise your services while your (CA) badge is on

 o Titled players only will be allowed to use SHOUTS or channel tells as a
   method of advertising. If you choose to use SHOUTs or channel tells to
   advertise, you will limit advertising for your lessons to one shout every
   20 minutes over two consecutive hours, per stated FICS policy, with a
   break of at least one hour before the next advertisement. We have had
   numerous complaints from users about unwanted advertising, so we feel this
   is a workable compromise.

You are the server's representatives on this server. Please act accordingly.
If you are unsure of ANY statement, please don't say it. It's better that you
say nothing than to apologize for a misunderstanding. If English is not your
first language and you are trying to convey information in English, please
take a little extra time to make sure your statement is not impolite,
abrasive, or offensive.


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Created: 15 December 2003 carenp 
Last Modified: 28 February 2008 mhill

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