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Usage: < + | - | = > channel [#]

The "channel" command refers to your list of channels. When a channel is on
your list, you will receive messages ( tells) sent to that channel. Also, if
you send a tell to channels 1, 2, 49 or 50, the FICS will attempt to add it to
your channel list (unless it is already there).


 o In order too see which channels another user has on his/her list, use the
   inchannel command. You can also use the inchannel command to see which
   users on the server are currently listening to tells to that channel.

 o Some channels are designated for specific purposes and/or topics, see help
   channel_list for the complete list and help chan_1 for more details about
   the use of channel 1 (the help channel). Please make sure that your tells
   to a channel are appropriate for that channel. A user who consistently
   abuses a special channel, such as channel 1, may be prevented from making
   tells to the channel.

 o Some channels are used for FICS staff. These include channel 0 (the admin
   channel), channel 48 (the mamer manager channel), channel 5 (the service
   representatives channel), channel 63 (the chess advisor channel).
   Successful tells to these channels will also result in an attempt to add
   them to your channel list.

 o Unregistered users can listen to any other channel, but only talk to
   channel 4 (Guest_Help), 53 (Guest_Chat) and 7 (OnlineTours).

 o If you do not want to hear channel tells while you are playing, set the
   chanoff variable to 1. Your channel settings will not be affected, however.

 o If you do not want to hear channel tells from unregistered users, set the
   ctell variable to 0.

 o The user channel list is private.

 o The server will add channel 1, 2, 49 or 50 to your channel list if you make
   a tell to them.

 o Unregistered and new users are added to channels 1, 2 and 50 automatically.

 o If you want less information when you play, set the v_silence variable to


+channel #
     adds channel # to your channel list.
-channel #
     removes channel # to your channel list.
     displays the channel list.


admin         chan_1        chan_4        channel_list  chess_advisor 
inchannel     mamer         showlist      sr_info       tell          
v_chanoff     v_ctell       v_silence     


Created: 11 March 1999 pgv
Last Modified: 13 February 2002 Sandstrom

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