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Usage: set busy string

  This command sets your "busy" string.  When your busy string is set and
people "tell" something to you, they will receive your busy string as a
response.  Your busy string (if on) will also be displayed below your name in
your 'finger' notes.

Examples of busy strings you might use are:
  set busy is really busy right now.
  set busy will be back in 5 minutes.
  set busy will be idle for a while...

  NOTE: a busy string is only temporary.  Typing any command cancels your
"busy" status; you don't have to clear it yourself.

  Because a busy string is only temporary, it is useful to have an alias for a
busy string if you intend to use it frequently.  For example:

  alias idle set busy is away from the keyboard right now

would create an alias for "idle" that would set your busy string to "is away
from the keyboard right now".  To activate this alias, all you would need to
do is type "idle" to set your busy string.

See also:  alias  finger  idlenotify  set  tell

[Last modified: July 25, 1997 -- Friar]

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