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Blindfold accounts are special accounts for users who wish to play without
sigh of a board. Blind accounts are marked with (B) behind handle names and
all blind accounts are listed in =blind.

To apply for blind account, message blind and include the handle that you
would like to use as your blind account.

Rules for blind accounts :

1)  Blind accounts will use style 9 when playing. There is no need to set
    any variable, the server will automatically use style 9. Read
    "help style" for more info. Since style 9 displays only the
    last few moves, not the board position. Since style 9 does not list
    the times on the chess clocks, you may wish to use the "time" command
    in order to list clock times.
2)  Sanctions taken against your blind account will also affect your regular
    account. Frequent abusers will lose their blind accounts.
3)  Your blind account's handle must be your regular handle with the word
    blind before or after it. For example BinfordBlind or BlindBinford.

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