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About becoming an FICS administrator


Thank you for asking about how someone becomes an FICS administrator
("admin"). As help adm_info notes, the number of FICS admins is kept small
for several reasons. At the moment, we are not accepting applications from
anyone to be an admin. If additional admins are needed, we will contact you.

In the meantime, the best way for you to help with FICS needs is to monitor
messages on the various FICS channels and help users who have questions, let
us know about bugs you find (message to "bug"), and make suggestions about
improvements you would like to see implemented (message to "suggestion" or to
"helpfiles"). If you have code you'd like to contribute, contact one of the
programming admins (see help admins for a listing). Typing "=admin" lists the
current admins. Typing "showadmins" will give a list of admins currently
logged on.


adm_app adm_info admins showadmins


Created: 9 September 1995 Friar
Last Modified: 27 February 2007 mhill

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