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Usage: abort

The "abort" command is used to request aborting a game.


The abort command can be used in different situations:

 1. A player wishes to abort the game for some reason. Abort sends a request
    to the opponent that the game be aborted. The opponent can "accept" or
    "decline" the offer. If a proposal to abort has been sent to you, then
    typing abort or accept will accept the offer. If you move you
    automatically decline the proposal.

 2. Your opponent has run out of time and you believe that a problem has
    occurred with his connection to the chess server. Rather than claim a win
    on time by means of the "flag" command, you can abort the game. However
    if both players are out of time the abort command will be sent as a
    normal request.


 o If you use the abort command when your opponent is out of time, the server
   also checks to see if your opponent is using timeseal and might simply be
   experiencing lag. If that is the case, the abort will only be processed if
   the opponent is an unregistered player.

 o The "adjourn" command can be used when the opponent is out of time and you
   want to suspend the game and save it so that it can be resumed at a later

 o Using abort before each player has made a move automatically aborts the
   game. No approval by the opponent is necessary in this case.

 o An aborted game is canceled. No changes in ratings occur, the game is not
   stored, and it is not listed in history or counted as a completed game in
   players' statistics.

 o It is possible to request aborting an adjourned game using the "sabort"

 o It is possible to cancel an abort request by means of the "withdraw"


     By typing abort you are offering your opponent to abort the game. Your
     opponent will receive a server message like the following:

        MAd would like to abort the game; type "abort" to accept.

     He can now either accept the abort request by typing either accept, or
     abort, or he can decline the request by either typing decline or by
     entering his move.
     If you have received an abort request from your opponent, typing abort
     will automatically accept it. The server will acknowledge your
     acceptance, by sending you a message similar to the following:

       You accept the abort request from MAd.
       {Game 95 (pgv vs. MAd) Game aborted by mutual agreement} *


accept adjourn decline flag lag pending sabort withdraw


Created: 22 January 1998 Friar
Last Modified: 15 May 2004 Esekla

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