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Relay of the 9th Sabadell Open Group A 2016
The 9th Sabadell Open Group A 2016 took place between September 1st and September 9th.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Grigoryan, Karen H. ARM 2544
Almeida Quintana, Omar CUB 2518
Narciso Dublan, Marc CAT 2508
Gonzalez Garcia, Jose MEX 2508
Movsziszian, Karen ARM 2502
Oliva Castaneda, Kevel CUB 2499
Munoz, Miguel CAT 2471
Mellado Trivino, Juan AND 2410
Aguero Jimenez, Luis Lazaro CUB 2405
Alarcon Casellas, Rolando CUB 2397
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