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Relay of the VMCG Schachfestival Open B 2015
The VMCG Schachfestival Open B 2015 took place between August 15th and August 23rd.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Untiedt, Jan Niklas GER 1789
Von Estorff, Jacob GER 1780
Seepe, Uwe GER 1777
Askerov, Imamali GER 1774
Schroeder, Guido GER 1768
Reuter, Maximilian GER 1764
Suliga, Eckhard GER 1757
Stolzenwald, Karl-Heinz GER 1731
Lick, Helmut GER 1722
Groth, Matthias GER 1710
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