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Relay of the VMCG Schachfestival GM 2015
The VMCG Schachfestival GM 2015 took place between August 15th and August 23rd.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Ovsejevitsch, Sergei UKR 2588
Heimann, Andreas GER 2557
Van Foreest, Jorden NED 2519
Paehtz, Elisabeth GER 2463
Simantsev, Mikhail UKR 2453
Kollars, Dmitrij GER 2437
Grabarczyk, Miroslaw POL 2436
Schramm, Christian GER 2392
Colpe, Malte GER 2349
Rooze, Jan BEL 2342
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