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Relay of the TV2 Chess International GM 2015
The TV2 Chess International GM 2015 took place between December 27th and January 3rd.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Postny, Evgeny ISR 2670
GM Vovk, Yuri UKR 2626
GM Vovk, Andrey UKR 2617
Prohaszka, Peter HUN 2607
Rausis, Igors CZE 2600
Antal, Gergely HUN 2565
IM Urkedal, Frode NOR 2507
GM Pavlovic, Milos SRB 2496
Turner, Matthew J SCO 2493
GM Hansen, Torbjorn Ringdal NOR 2472
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