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Relay of the 6th Sarkany-Aranytiz IM 2015
The 6th Sarkany-Aranytiz IM 2015 took place between August 15th and August 23rd.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Galyas, Miklos HUN 2467
Milanovic, Slavisa MNE 2407
Trbojevic, Mladen CRO 2381
Ivekovic, Bozidar CRO 2374
Jovanovic, Dusan D SRB 2373
Ivekovic, Zvonimir CRO 2330
Juhasz, Armin HUN 2315
Lyell, Mark ENG 2313
Zentai, Peter HUN 2248
Goczo, Melinda HUN 2230
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