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Relay of the SS Manhem Chess Week GM Tournament 2015
The SS Manhem Chess Week GM Tournament 2015 took place between August 8th and August 14th.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Hillarp Persson, Tiger SWE 2541
Rozentalis, Eduardas LTU 2528
Blomqvist, Erik SWE 2508
Westerberg, Jonathan SWE 2464
Smith, Axel SWE 2457
Wiedenkeller, Michael LUX 2453
Zelbel, Patrick GER 2450
Fries-Nielsen, Jens Ove DEN 2434
Johansson, Linus SWE 2379
Hultin, Johan SWE 2355
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