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Relay of the SPA Chess Open Group A 2013
The SPA Chess Open Group A 2013 takes place between July 6th and July 14th.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Sumets, Andrey UKR 2583
Neverov, Valeriy UKR 2492
Riemersma, Li NED 2438
Miedema, David NED 2394
Goudriaan, Etienne NED 2369
Rijnaarts, Sjef NED 2360
Afek, Yochanan ISR 2313
Timmermans, Mark NED 2270
Van Der Poel, Henk NED 2266
De Ruiter, Danny NED 2254
Schedule (Top boards).
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