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Relay of the Glenco IM Chess Tournament 2013
The Glenco IM Chess Tournament 2013 takes place between May 1st and May 9th.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Pavlovic, Milos SRB 2504
Haub, Thorsten Michael GER 2462
Lund, Silas DEN 2412
Teplyi, Igor DEN 2410
Fries-Nielsen, Jens Ove DEN 2383
Aabling-Thomsen, Jakob DEN 2336
Westerinen, Heikki FIN 2335
Bank Friis, Carsten DEN 2290
Andersson, Bjorn SWE 2277
Skaanning-Pedersen, Kim DEN 2273
Schedule (Top boards).
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