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Relay of the Croatian Men's Chess Championship 2013
The Croatian Men's Chess Championship 2013 takes place between January 21st and January 31st.
Top 10 Participants
Top 0 Standings
Country Rating
Kozul, Zdenko CRO 2637
Stevic, Hrvoje CRO 2618
Saric, Ivan CRO 2614
Brkic, Ante CRO 2581
Palac, Mladen CRO 2579
Kuljasevic, Davorin CRO 2557
Jovanic, Ognjen CRO 2547
Zelcic, Robert CRO 2543
Saric, Ante CRO 2540
Jankovic, Alojzije CRO 2538
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